Friday, June 27, 2014

The all-new Fleshlight LaunchPAD - ultimate for iPad® and Fleshlight buyers male masturbation

The all-new Fleshlight LaunchPAD – ultimate for iPad® and Fleshlight buyers male masturbation

Releasing Fleshlight launchPAD — an ideal accessory for POV content or long distance play.

The all-new Fleshlight launchPAD is an ideal option for iPad® and Fleshlight lovers alike. Pair these two renowned products to acquire a whole new ideology on masturbatory stimulation and partners play while making the most of your preferred content on your tablet.

350px Steve Jobs with the Apple iPad no logo %28cropped%29 English: Apple iPad Event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Fleshlight LaunchPAD ideal for point-of-view content, long distance play with a friend, or having a an array of your preferred films, clips, and images while using your Fleshlight product.

Its robust, yet bendy material enables you to carefully and easily stick in, secure, and remove your tablet. Once fixed snuggly in place, it will retain its position throughout use while allowing for full access to touch-screen interface and displaying the onboard controls, like volume and power.

Line up your favorite Fleshlight or Flight product and tie it in place with the included neoprene Velcro band. Take pleasure in your favorite content or connect with a friend for some enchanting face time.

Use the rugged handgrips on either side of the Fleshlight LaunchPAD and relish a totally innovative point of view. Enjoy using your Fleshlight LaunchPAD in a number of positions, along with keeping the device stationary during use – yet another excellent way to practice bettering your sensual stamina! As with all Fleshlight goods, don’t forget to use Fleshlube® water-based lubricant.

Once completed, remove your tablet and use Fleshwash freshen up and disinfect the Fleshlight LaunchPAD.

The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is compatible with the following iPad models:
iPad Fourth Generation

iPad Third Generation

iPad 2

Get a new male masturbation point of view and try the new Fleshlight LaunchPAD now.

*Apple iPad and Fleshlight and Flight products offered disjointedly. Fleshlight LaunchPAD is not compatible with iPad Air or iPad First Generation models. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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The all-new Fleshlight LaunchPAD - ultimate for iPad® and Fleshlight buyers male masturbation



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